Love is great, like really honestly great. There’s obviously always going to be down sides and bad times when you’re with someone, but it’s how you manage to get through them together and work on it. Me and Georgina aren’t perfect, and there are some things we sure do need to work on but she’s worth that fight and me trying to change to a better person for her. I love her more than I’ve ever loved and I know that’s all cheesy and a massive cliché that gets thrown around day after day, but it’s true, I know this when I look at her and kiss her and hold her in my arms. Her smile has always sent me crazy and there’s no one in this world that has ever done that to me before, she probably could easily have someone else in her life and someone who lives closer, but she sticks by my side, even after everything we’ve gone through and she still wanted to be with me. That’s love. Knowing that everyone else in this world doesn’t matter but me and her, that we both fight through every thing together and not give up when there’s a huge bump in our path as a couple. There’s no one else, and I mean that. I hope our future plans work out together and I hope that this distance we have will finally disappear next year, you’re my future. No one else. I love you, and only you.


I’m so in love with you it’s almost aching, but in a good way. You’ve reached into the darkest areas of my mind and showed me that there is a reason to love, there is a reason to fight and that there is a reason I am here. I never thought that there could be anyone in this world that could clear my mind with all the hatred and negativity that I drowned myself in, you were my light at the end of that tunnel and you continue to be that now. I am the person I am today because of you, you’re the reason I wake up every morning and make each day pass, because as each day passes, it’s a closer day to being in your arms again. 

I can only hope that I give to you what you give to me and more. 

Darling, I love you.

Dear You

I know the sea gets rough between us and the sand isn’t always sandy but I truly am filled to the top with love for you. I do believe what we have is real and it means the entire world to me that you’re all mine. I love how you kiss my tummy when it hurts, how you stroke my forehead and let me nuzzle into your arm pit. Most of all I love how proud you make me feel every single day because you’re by my side.

I really honestly. truly, madly, deeply love you with all my heart. :) 

lots of love and kisses




She’s my forever! :) I love her so much!!! :3

This past like 2 weeks have been amazing. First I was only meant to see Georgina for a weekend, then mum let me extend it for a week. Then she extended my stay for a further 5 days! THEN she’s let me have one more night with my girl :) this makes me so happy but I’m sad I have to go tomorrow :( but I love her so much and it’s been truly the best like 2 weeks ever. I can’t wait to spend a lifetime with this girl

Me and Georgina are both blogging on tumblr but still holding hands. Ultimate cuteness right now


we both go through our hard times, whether it’s in our lives or it’s between the both of us but you can’t doubt that everything we go through or have been through together is making us stronger as a couple. I do want you to know that I promise I’ll always try, I’ll always try get us over what hurdle gets in our way and that I won’t give up on what we have together because I believe that it is true and that it is special. I know that it’s said that after a year things start getting more difficult and that’s true, but as long as you’re willing to keep trying for us then I will too, I’m not ready to give up on this because my feelings for you are so strong and maybe this might be the last chance, but I just want you to know that I’ll always care about you because you’ve taught me so much and you’ve helped build me as a person, I’ll always have some sort of feeling for you and I’m pretty sure I’ll never forget you. We’ll work for what we want and not what other people believe is best for us, because they don’t know what we’re like as a couple and they don’t know what we could do for each other for the future. You’re worth every ounce of sleepless nights, tears, frustration and hard-work that goes into this relationship. I adore you more than I’ve ever adored anything in my life. We’ll work through those walls that are still up and if we don’t, we’ll do our best to try. I’m here for as long as you want me, and I’ll still be here as a friend after everything too. I promise to try, I promise to make an effort and I promise that I won’t ever give you up without a fight. We can get through this together. I’m not ready to let you go…

Day 16: Favourite love (LDR or not) movie?

It would have to be between two for me, my first choice of film would be Serendipity. It’s so cute and I love watching it on my own eating loads of popcorn!!! And then the next one would be Imagine me & you, again it’s adorable and what makes it even cuter is that it’s about two women too, so that’s a bonus!

I really want Georgina here right now, I’m a little down and all I want is just a cuddle from her to make me feel a billion times better.

Day 15: Favourite love (LDR or not) song?

At the moment I guess it’ll be Vanessa Carlton’s A thousand miles. Only because I’m trying to learn it on piano at the moment and It’s been in my head a lot. It’s a really cute song though and does relate to being in a LDR, hopefully I can play it for Georgina one day!