norfolk brawds roller derby! I think I'm funnier than I probably actually am... And I'm pretty darn lazy

Alice is cool

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"just one more video then i’ll go to sleep”



Biceps? No. Only Heteroceps or Homoceps. Choose one. Don’t be greedy.


talking to other queer ppl like


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Sunday nights are the worst you go to bed with that horrifying feeling of impending doom like “I’ve got a whole fucking week ahead

I’ve been feeling so terribly low with my anxiety lately, there are just a lot of stressful things happening right now and it’s a lot for me to cope with. But I have been coping, and that is all because of Alice. She is my rock. She has been there to calm me down, she has looked after me when I’ve been repeatedly getting upset or crying over the same things and she has been patient with me also. I’m so lucky. I wouldn’t have been able to get through a lot of this without going back to old habits if it wasn’t for her. My heart is yours and it always will be Alice.

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